STEREO/HET/SIT Configuration Tracking Form


To be filled in by configuration manager:


Tracking Number:  00021          Date Received:   07/26/04



To be filled in by initiator:


Software Type:    Flight Software               Instrument Name:    SIT


Version Name:  20040715                        Type of Action:   Problem Report  (PR)

Initiator's Name: Peter Walpole                 Date Initiated:  07/26/04



To be filled in by initiator:


Description of action(s)/problems(s): 


When there are a significant amount of events, the first event  packet  (ApId 606) appears to contain zeros.


To be filled in by Programmer:


Software Version Name:          SIT_FSW_20040818


Programmer(s) Name:         Kristin Wortman


Date Completed:       08/18/04


Modules/Routines affected:    sitevents.p24



Comments:    Modified the code to overwrite the first part of the pha buffer when the overwrite flag is set and the  number of priority rates is below the current maximum (LIMHI).

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