STEREO/HET/SIT Configuration Tracking Form


To be filled in by configuration manager:


Tracking Number:  00019            Date Received:   07/14/04



To be filled in by initiator:


Software Type:    Flight Software               Instrument Name:    HET


Version Name:  HET_FSW_20040701                        Type of Action:   Problem Report  (PR)

Initiator's Name: Tycho von Rosenvinge/Larry Ryan     Date Initiated:  07/11/04



To be filled in by initiator:


Description of action(s)/problems(s): 


Issued the setindacs command and the generation of packets was suspended and the HK values were set incorrectly.  The software was unrecoverable and had to reboot in order to recover.


To be filled in by Programmer:


Software Version Name:            HET_FSW_20040923  (Build 1.2)


Programmer(s) Name:         Tom Nolan


Date Completed:       09/23/04


Modules/Routines affected:   




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