STEREO/HET/SIT Configuration Tracking Form


To be filled in by configuration manager:


Tracking Number:  00008                             Date Received: 01/28/04



To be filled in by initiator:


Software Type:     Flight Software                   Instrument Name:    SIT


Version Name:  20031212                             Type of Action:    Problem Report


Initiator's Name: Peter Walpole                      Date Initiated:  01/28/04             



To be filled in by initiator:


Description of action(s)/problems(s): 


The checksum for the onboard tables should be static, it's changing when no new tables have been loaded.




To be filled in by Programmer:

Software Version Name:       N/A          


Programmer(s) Name:         Tom Nolan


Date Completed:        02/15/04


Modules/Routines affected:   None

Comments:  It was determined that the GSE was displaying the wrong value for the table checksum.  No changes to the FSW were necessary.

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