STEREO/HET/SIT Configuration Tracking Form


To be filled in by configuration manager:


Tracking Number:  00002                             Date Received: 10/22/03



To be filled in by initiator:


Software Type:  Flight Software                          Instrument Name:  HET


Version Name:  20030926                                 Type of Action: New Feature (NF) 


Initiator's Name: Tom Nolan and Kristin Wortman         Date Initiated:  10/22/03             



To be filled in by initiator:


Description of action(s)/problems(s): 


Attach compressed tables to initial binary load, decompress and relocate at startup.

Start up in flight telemetry mode.

Print banner message on startup.

Encode and telemeter flight software version ID.

Queue and process stopping events

Add delayed and immediate load commands.

Add run-length encoding for table compression.

Run automatic test stimulus pulser algorithm in background

Fill in the "A". "B" and housekeeping packets.

Process and telemeter stimulus events.

Move PHASIC default command string to uploadable table.



To be filled in by programmer:


Software Version Name:  20031013    


Programmer Name:  Tom Nolan                                   Date Completed:   12/30/03



Modules/Routines affected:







Version ID in T/M = 1114

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